Organise and thrive

Organisation includes many things such as: stationery, the environment around you and how to look after your desk.


Stationery is a key part in organisation. If you don’t have the stationery then there is no point taking notes because I guarantee you would not like to look over your notes for a test if they are not brightly coloured! A few examples of what you can use to make your notes look impeccable are down below!

Zebra midliners:


Colourful post it notes:



Use the link:

The environment and helping your desk

Having a good environment is essential because you have to work and not get distracted. Having distraction is extremely bad because you can get overdue papers or not study properly for an important test. Always make sure you desk is tidy so when you need to study you can have a positive mindset and not a lazy one.

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